The team

Pavel Horejs

Founder & COO

Blockchain enthusiast with a passion for technology and cyber security with over six years of experience in business development for international clients. In crypto from 2017. Pavel’s strength comes from his versatility to handle different tasks. 

Matyas Dousa


Serial tech entrepreneur. CEO & Director of Marketing in, a rapidly growing European start-up. Works with multiple projects in the crypto-space creating marketing and brand building strategies. Matyas brings experiences with investors and VCs across the world.

Adam Medzhidov


Adam is a successful trader with  8 years of experience in web development, both with frontend and backend. Two years of experience with building DAPPs. Adam is Arkania’s problem-solving expert. Ph.D. from Computer science.

David Vostarek

Junior dev

Deep understanding and application of C/C++, SQL, HTML, and CSS. Our smart contract wizard, developing his skills every day with a passion for heavy blockchain researches.

Saad Ullah


Saad is a veteran blockchain content creator who has worked with several established and start-up firms. With an engineering degree and an MBA, he not only understands the technical side of blockchain but the operational and financial implications of the technology at a micro and macro level.

Zrish Khan


An undergrad student of International Relations, Zrish Khan finds the impact of blockchain and DeFi on the global political and economic arena fascinating. Combining her passions of writing and DeFi, she finds herself perfectly suited to promote the benefits of the technology.

Crispin Courtenay


Crispin is a Fintech and Blockchain guru. He has vast experience with multiple blockchain projects. CEO of a startup focused on DevOps. Founder of 10+ ventures to date. IBM Global Entrepreneur Alumni. Google Cloud Technology Partner. Also, Microsoft Business Partner.

Afzal Subhani


Developing and leading 7 startups leveraging blockchain technology under the umbrella of SIJ Global. Afzal has overall 10 Years of business experience and tones of experience in leading the startups to the moon.